Bahia TV-Gabriel Veloso_2016-06


Warrior’s Way trainer, Gabriel Veloso of Brasíl, is interviewed by Bahia TV, June 2016

Free Magazine_2016-04

Arno is interviewed by the Chilean magazine, Free, March 2016

Escalando Magazine_2016-03

Logo_Escalando mag

Camilo Castellanos of Escalando Magazine (Chile):
Quiero ser un guerrero de la roca

Breathe Easier: Mental Tacks to Get Through Tough Climbs

Climbing Magazine Mental Tacks

Amanda Fox of Climbing Magazine interviews Arno (Sept 2013) for how to deal with being intimidated by sandbagged routes.

Primer Pegue_2016-03


Arno’s interview with Primer Pegue, the Chile climbing blog in Marzo 2016

Planet Granite_2016-01


Mike Adamson of Planet Granite reflects on his experience one month after taking a WW clinic.

One Way Up_2015-11

one way up

Guerreros clinica en Mexico con One Way Up



Anne van Leeuwen of Hoogtelijn interviewed Arno and participated in a falling clinic in Netherlands, November 2015. Here is her article on the experience.

PinPoint Performance_Interviews Arno_2015-12


Chad Bong of PinPoint Performance interviews Arno for Acupuncturists, businesses, and life in general.

Hazel Findlay_Interviews Arno_2015-10


Hazel interviewed Arno during her visit to the Southeast USA

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