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Current Trainings:

Colorado: with Warrior’s Way trainer Arno Ilgner

Wyoming: with Warrior’s Way trainer Arno Ilgner

Idaho: with Warrior’s Way trainer Arno Ilgner

Title: The Warrior’s Way – Developing a Free Mind – Training


The mind tends to be locked in a mental prison of its own making. Being effective requires a free mind that allows our attention to flow to the present task. Most of us don’t have such a mind. It’s rife with resistance to stress, ego gratification, and achievement motivation that distract our attention. Understanding these distractions, diminishing them, and redirecting our attention to the present task, demonstrates a mind that has broken free from its self-imposed prison. Doing this helps us access the flow state, a state that allows our attention to flow from moment to moment as the situation changes.

Areas of focus:

  • The difference between victims’ and warriors’ approach to challenge
  • Understanding the limitations of extrinsic, achievement-based motivation
  • Understanding the ego, its effect on performance, and diminishing limiting behaviors
  • Understanding the power of intrinsic learning-based motivation
  • Accessing the power of directing one’s attention
  • Body-oriented awareness for better body proprioception
  • Sustaining attention for longer periods of time
  • Identifying the tasks in climbing and doing them intentionally
  • Diminishing performance anxiety through preparation routines
  • Accessing the flow state

Pre-requisites for clinics: We’ll be doing “floor” and “climbing” drills

  • Minimum 6 months climbing experience
  • Climb a minimum of 5.9 in the gym without falling or hanging
  • Being able to lead climb is not required, however, if students want to lead during the clinic they must get lead certified at the gym PRIOR to the clinic date.

Equipment: Bring usual climbing equipment plus rope and draws if you have them. A helmet is also recommended in gyms and required for outdoor trainings.

Investment: The cost for each clinic varies based on the hosting organization. Below are approximate costs.

  • $99 gym / $195 outdoors
  • Space limited to 6:1 ratio (participants:instructor)

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