IMG_1820-w800-h600Happy New Year and welcome back to more lessons. We will begin 2013 with creating a vision. We’ve discussed the importance of having a vision to direct our daily choices and actions. Without a vision the decisions we make and actions we take will be motivated by what is easiest in the short term. A vision aligns our decisions and actions for the long term.

The vision for the Warrior’s Way in 2013 is to take it to the next level. This means, taking it beyond climbing, to the general public. I’ve restricted it to climbers thus far because I wanted to test the material in a medium I understood. Now, I want businesses, parents, athletes, partners, everyone to benefit from the Warrior’s Way.

What vision do we have for our lives? I’ve thought about this a lot, especially as I’m planning the outline for writing a new book for the general public. It may seem like there are many visions, but perhaps there is one we all share. I think that vision is self actualization through self awareness. We all desire to have a meaningful life. We want to live our lives “on purpose.” To become self actualized, to find meaning, and live with purpose, requires us to become more self aware. With more self awareness we can find our purpose, which gives us meaning. Living our lives this way actualizes us to its fullest potential.

We can’t achieve this vision by focusing on it directly. We need to focus on the process of self awareness. We can use these lessons as part of this process. Don’t just look at how the lessons help your climbing, but how can they help you become a more aware partner, parent, business associate, etc.

This can be an exciting journey. I’ve found that focusing on the Warrior’s Way over the last 20 years has benefited my life tremendously. I climbed the hardest I’ve ever climbed in 2012, with a body that was physically weaker, with more injuries, than I had when I was in my youth. I feel more mentally centered, grounded, and at peace. That’s priceless. I also feel like I know myself much better, my tendencies, weaknesses, strengths, and feel okay with what I’ve discovered. I can relax into who I am without feeling bad or good about myself. I’m able to “be” with what is much more easily.

So that’s the challenge this year. Are you up to it? Is this a new year’s goal you can set and accomplish? Yes, it is. All it takes is making small steps with each lesson, to read, reflect, and pay attention. I intend to do it. Let’s walk this journey together.

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  1. Randy Taylor


    As one who has been translating your work to non-climbing applications for the past few years, I applaud you and look forward to your work in 2013!

  2. Jean-Michel

    I like the direction this teaching is taking. For years the warrior’s way has helped me with my personal life as well, overcoming fear in my relationship with women and my career… I wish you success on this path Arno!

  3. Donna Champagne


    Great comments. I’ve always felt the Warrior’s Way lessons pertained to life in general, and in particular, an approach that’s grounded in fulfillment. I’m committing myself to mindfulness practice and meditation this year, to try to be more fully present with my life.
    Best of luck with the new book. It’s a great idea!


  4. Anna

    Hi Arno! That is so wonderful to hear. The vision to go beyond climbing. I have been thinking lately about ways to extend and expand time. We all seem to rush so much. Awareness of the moment, of the feeling, of the context slows down the rush. Not only climbers need that.

  5. Ed Cheng

    Wonderful news! As I mentioned at your clinic, I’ve long thought that for all its value in climbing, the Warriors Way was even more valuable in life. I’d love to share more thoughts offline.

  6. Eliza

    I have been using the ideas you outline as a part of my spiritual path for years now, applying it to my climbing as well as many other areas in my life. I am really happy to hear you are moving it forward beyond climbing because it applies to everything and I look forward to your next book! thanks

  7. Yes, It is all relative these teachings… Zen, Martial Arts, Masonic, Rosicrucian… They can be very helpful no matter what your station in life is…

    Love, steve

  8. Roxana

    Hello Arno,

    Great lesson today! I was glad to „hear” your inspiring thougts about your vision. Have an evolving journey!

  9. Barry Rusnock

    Hello Arno,

    What a facsinating progression of the Warriors Way concept. One again you nailed it! Looking forward to reading more about this evolution. I’m going to incorporate your challenge into my New Years resolutions. I’ll see you along the journey!



  10. Peter CW

    Hi Arno

    This aligns perfectly with what I wish for myself in 2013, which is spooky!

    And I’ll let you into a secret – I’m more a caver than a climber, but I usually look for and find “daily life” parallels from your monthly messages – in fact I bought “Rock Warriors Way” some years ago every bit as much as mental training/inspiration for life as for climbing.

    Keep it up! Rock and mountains bring out the best in us.

    Peter (UK)

  11. Dean Elliott

    Looking forward to more on your expansion toward applying Warriors Way methodologies toward other endeavors. That is an exciting prospect. I have had great success with your personal and group training since we began in 2003 and credit much of my ability to climb at all to our work together. Pleasantly anticipating this years classes Arno!
    See you soon…

  12. Lenore

    Expanding the Warrior’s Way beyond climbers is an excellent idea. I have transitioned my focus from climbing to kayaking (although I still climb) and find many of your general advice applicable to both pursuits. Problems such as performance anxiety or the need for a quiet mind apply whether you are trying to send a climbing project or trying to nail your kayak roll.

  13. Greg Leach

    I have to admit that the teaching offered in the Warrior’s Way has been applied daily to the activity in my life. I wish you continuing success sharing it with a broader audience. Travel well Arno. Greg.

  14. Barbara

    I no longer climb, but I have followed your messages for a couple of years and have been applying them to a non-climbing life. Your messages have helped me tremendously. I look forward to your broader message. Thanks you.

  15. Tony Hawkins

    If the applications of Arno’s lessons are as fascinating as they pertain to climbing, I’m sure his work as it relates to the general public will be one awesome read also!!!

  16. jerry cantwell

    Hello Arno,
    Since I spent those day’s with you years ago on the rock I have always felt the Warrior’s Way is a life journey not just a climbing one. I have loved the philosophy and practical application of your work. I try to apply it everyday in my work as a teacher. Thank you for your message and work. Can’t wait to read the next book. Cheers!

  17. Isabel

    Thank you Arno!
    Just what I needed to hear. Really looking forward to your new book.

  18. Mel

    Hi Arno, I took your Espresso Lesson course at Urban Rocks in Chattanooga. I remember that you did mention your intention to do this. I am very confident that these lessons will be valuable to non- climbers. I was initially intrigued by Rock Climbing while learning Chinese Internal Arts. I remember one teacher talking about being in the moment and to minimize “extraneous thoughts”. He, then, said: ” I guess that’s why people climb mountains. Because up there, the only thing that matters is where your fingers and toes are in that moment.” What I love about your lessons is that it is not cryptic. You have a way of presenting these lessons in a way that I actually understood. Consequently, I was able to apply them more readily in my life as compared to the lessons that I learned from my studies in the Internal Arts. I’m excited that you are going through with this endeavor in 2013!

  19. Chad Brown

    Can’t wait for the new book! I often thought that the rock warriors way was an outline for life’s journey.

  20. Ann

    Brilliant! I’m looking forward to your book.

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