Title: Cycling to Keep Attention in the Moment

In the last few lessons we investigated the processes of falling, resting, thinking, and moving. The central question was: how can we shrink the moment to expand our attention, to be more present. We found that each process included breathing to process stress, using our eyes to maintain focus on the task, always relaxing, and using our bodies appropriate for the task. All of these are processes; they are made up of many micro moments. By paying attention to these elements we shifted our approach from end result to process and redirected more of our attention into the moment.

Even though we know what to focus on for each of these processes, we’ll still have difficulty keeping attention in the moment unless we know how to cycle between them. If we stay engaged in the process of resting too long, for instance, inertia sets in and we’ll be reluctant to apply our energy to the process of moving. If we stay engaged in the process of moving too long, we’ll run out of energy and fall. We need to stay at rest stances long enough to rest and think but then shift into the process of moving to apply energy. Likewise, we need to continue moving as long as we have energy and know what to do but then shift into the process of resting to recover energy.

Only you can determine how long to stay at rest stances to recover energy and how long to stay engaged in moving to apply energy. Each climb is different; each person’s experience is different. Take responsibility for making the decision, when to shift between these processes. By paying attention to how effectively we recover energy and how effectively we apply energy, we’ll improve our ability to know when to cycle between them.

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