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Cover photo by Jimmy Chin: Hazel Findlay deep-water soloing. 

Everyone who meets a challenge in life will have to conquer fear and doubts. But how? This book tells you!

If there is one group of people that know best how to manage fear, then it must be extreme athletes: mountaineers that climb mountains or buildings without a rope, BASEjumpers that fly through the air in nothing more than a wingsuit, highliners that walk a tight rope on hundreds of meters’ height. In ‘Alles onder Controle!’ (Everything Under Control, transl.) fifteen of the world’s best-known extreme athletes speak openly about their fear of heights and the other mental barriers they face, and share their personal best methods of performing well despite fear. Their lessons are not only applicable to other extreme athletes, but for everyone who experiences fear at different moments in their life. People with stage fight, fear of speaking, or worries about breaking down in front of big groups. People who dare not drive a car, or who would love to change career, but are too frightened to let go of their current comfortable lives. From self-hypnosis to visualization to rational analyses- the interviewees tested the most effective strategies to conquer fear – and report in this book of their success formula.

Interviews with: Alain Robert, Alex Honnold, Alexander Schulz, Arno Ilgner, Catherine Destivelle, Cedric Dumont, Dan Goodwin, Don McGrath, Edurne Pasaban, Jorg Verhoeven, Hazel Findlay, Lynn Hill, Martin Fickweiler, Steph Davis and Rebecca Williams.
Brandt Publishers, E 17.50 (soft-cover)
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For issues regarding translations and rights, please contact Brandt Publishers: annemiek@uitgeverijbrandt.nl 

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