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Arno was interviewed by the Romanian organization called Blue Peregrine, which specializes in sharing performance training with the world. The interview is in English, recorded on zoom, and viewable in 3 video parts.

Below are topics that were discussed:  

  • Proprioception: how important is it when climbing or when doing any sport activity?
  • Motivation: internal or external; under or over motivation; what role does it play?
  • Is climbing a form of escapism, of avoiding responsibilities?  
  • Ego: does it make us do things that are considered not ethical?
  • Power: illusion versus real; what is real power?
  • Stress: do we want to get rid of stress? Is there anything positive about stress?  
  • Knowing that perfection doesn’t exist, what would the portrait of the ideal climber be?
  • Why keep climbing if all we do, after all, is conquer the uselessness?  
  • Being a warrior means we are at war? What are we at war with?
  • How does learning how to fall make you a better climber?
  • Climbing is a sport of endurance. How can we stay focused on long tiring routes?
  • How do we take care of our mental fitness?

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