Take a dive into five essentials of mental training, written by our training leader, Lor Sabourin. Lor was drawn to the challenge of free climbing The Cousin of Death, a 600-foot 5.13+ in a remote corner of northern Arizona. Mental training preparation was essential, but so was physical training. Lor decided to sign up for one of the Proven Plans from The Power Company. Lor trained mind and body and finally succeeded on sending it. This blog, titled Finding Joy in Improbable Goals was a way for Lor to share how to apply oneself in a systematic way and enjoy the whole process.

The five essentials are:

1. Ground Yourself in Body Awareness: We need a foundation. Learn how your body is an important part of that foundation.
2. Practice Defenselessness: Really? Sounds like you’re giving up. Being defensive prevents you from connecting with the situation. Learn the power of defenselessness.
3. Lean into Fear— in Small Steps: One of the biggest traps in mental training is thinking in all-or-nothing ways. Learn how to lean forward, just a little, just one small step.
4. Be Your Body’s Ally: How many times have you cursed your body? Not helpful. Learn how to love what your body does for you. Turn the body into an ally.
5. Celebrate Learning: How do you celebrate when you succeed? There isn’t only one way. Learn the balance between celebrating success and learning.

And a note from Lor about the physical training plan:
“I decided to train on a Proven Plan from The Power Company because I knew that it would hold me accountable for what I did during sessions and prevent overtraining. I was blown away by the experience. The simplicity of the programming made the plan feel accessible and easy to follow. Intention – focusing attention in the direction of a choice – is the most powerful tool that we can bring to training. Each session felt intentional, and cues throughout the exercises provided helpful reminders to stay on track.”

Photo by Blake McCord of McCord Media.

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  1. Greg Leach

    Outstanding offering. Thank you Lor. Travel well.

  2. Jon

    Inspiring Lor! A testimony to the importance of setting intention and the incremental learning process….

  3. Rick

    Thanks for this lesson, I read the full article written by Lor you linked above. They did a excellent job of being concise about how they used mental training in their process in their project. It was really informative, and inspiring. Congrats to Lor on their send.
    Also wanted to say that I’m excited that your writing a new book. I’ve really enjoyed your views and experience in your other books. Cant wait to read your next. Happy hunting in your journey

    1. Arno

      Hi Rick, thanks for your comments. Lor is helping move WW forward in such helpful and important ways. I’m psyched to have them on the team. Yes, the new book should blow my previous works out the window. I’ve learned so much since RWW (2003) and EL (2009). What I’ll be presenting in the new book (for general public) will be much more robust and complete. Should have the first draft finished by end of March. Stay tuned. a

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