An interview with Terrie Shauer.

How does mental training work? What are the core problems that make our lives hard? What are some tangible solutions to those problems? This interview with Terrie Shauer, a real estate agent in Montreal, can give us insight. We talk about attention training and what it means to be warriors. 

Warriors hunt for personal power. Power is defined as our ability to keep attention focused in the moment on what needs attention. How are warriors trained that’s different than ordinary people? The answer gives us insights into how we can hunt for power also. 

Some areas we cover are: 

  • What vehicle do we use for our training? We find what is calling to us and use it for self growth. We also use it for relationship growth. 
  • The climbing metaphor: How the intersection of inspiring goals, natural comfort-based motivation, and work integrate to keep us aimed toward our goals. This alignment allows us to dig deeper into ourselves to create meaningful lives. 
  • Valuing work for its own sake: We do this by seeking comfort in the present moment, not in the future.
  • Motivation: Balancing the tension between being internally and externally motivated. Both motivations are important but we need to know where we are for utilizing each.
  • Importance of separating identity from outcome.
  • Tangible ways to remain aware: Body and mind awareness and presence drills.
  • Why awareness is so important and how do you manage it.
  • The biggest mental training problems: Thinking we are our thoughts, thinking in all-or-nothing ways, and taking inappropriate risks where we initiate our fight/flight survival response.
  • Biggest mental training solutions: Unhooking thinking from awareness, little steps to engage stress so we can see incremental progress, awareness of body tension, doing a little daily rather than a lot occasionally.
  • Advice to get to the next level: Set goals, accept where you currently are, and commit to doing the work. 
  • COVID ideas: Be honest with yourself about the current reality, apply the PCO and 1-2-3 drill (we go into how to do this). 

Click here to find the video on youtube: An interview with Terrie Shauer.

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