I can tend to feel overwhelmed with work, feeling like I have more to do than I can manage. Yet I’ve felt that way for years.

I think this feeling comes from my day being filled with busyness that leaves me stressed. Worse yet, it leaves me focusing on the wrong things: the busyness instead of what’s most important. I don’t think I’m alone feeling this way.

Tim Ferriss interviews high functioning people to find and share their secrets for high performance. In the short video clip below, he interviews Josh Waitzkin on How to Structure Your Day for Peak Performance. Josh is a very interesting person. He’s been a world champion in chess and martial arts.

I particularly like his book The Art of Learning. Josh emphasized to Tim the need to be proactive with what’s most important so we don’t fall victim to being reactive to busyness.

Check out the short 4 minute video below for diminishing overwhelm and heightening focus.

Practice Tip: Three Steps to Being Proactive

Connect your subconscious mind with your conscious mind with these 3 steps so you can be proactive:

  1. Before going to sleep: Ask a question about an important challenge you have.
  2. Sleep: Forget about the question so you can sleep well.
  3. In the morning: Brainstorm the question before any input like email, news, social media.

These 3 steps will shift your focus to what’s most important. The busyness will tend to fall away, or not seem important to focus on.

I think I’ll practice this today. I encourage you to practice it also.

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  1. Mary

    Thank you for the continuing thoughts and lessons in the email updates. I take time to read many of them and find most of the material fits or enhances my life-tool-set. I did take a couple of Warriors Way workshops and although its been awhile (!) the concepts continue to serve me at work and play. “The Impeccable Use of Attention” -I return to this often. Thank you. Mary Boyd, Tennessee.

    1. Arno

      Hi Mary, been a while. Took the course at Fosters, right? Continue the journey… Arno

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