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media 017-1-w900-h700Click on posts below to check out The Warrior’s Way and Arno Ilgner in the media.


Entrenamiento Mental article in Escalar magazine #75 E75 entrenamiento.OK_Maq Base XX Escalar

(posted 07/12/2011)

LaSalle in Barcelona, Presentation and Clinics, sponsored by Vertic Outdoor

See presentation and clinic pics

(posted 06/29/2011)

Gripped Article “Mental Fitness Illness”

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

(posted 06/23/2011)

Desnivel interview

(posted 05/25/2011)

Versante Sud interview, Milano, Italy

(posted 05/08/2011)

Article in UEC Unió EXcursionista de Catalunya, L’habilitat del moviment 0672_001, Espana

(posted 04/02/2011)

Climbing Magazine (issue 293) “New Routes Near You” piece showing Arno on the new route, Defective Sonar, Laurel Knob, NC: Climbing_293-T

(posted 02/28/2011)

Climbing Magazine (issue 292) Speak Up Tech Tip: 062_CL_FEB11.p1

(posted 02/16/2011)

Rock & Ice (issue 192) Witness the Mental Fitness article: p.073 Mental 192

(posted 01/11/2011)

Alpinist first ascent article on Volunteer Wall, Whitesides, North Carolina: ALP33_FA_Ilgner

(posted 01/06/2011)

Alpinist Espresso Lessons interview. Follow this link: Alpinist online.

(posted 01/02/2011)

Video of training in Italy: Italy youtube video.

(posted 12/05/2010)


Espresso Lessons review by The Climber magazine, New Zealand
(posted 11/10/2010)

Espresso Lessons review by Chockstone, Australia

(posted 12/01/2010)

EL_The Climber_NZ

Espresso Lessons review by The Climber magazine, New Zealand

(posted 11/10/2010)


Espresso Lessons review by Gripped magazine, Canada,

(posted 11/09/2010)

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