Check out Tom Randall’s interview with our Training Leader, Lor Sabourin, on the Lattice Training podcast. Tom asks probing questions about falling, identity, and what it takes to apply mental training in climbing. 

They frame their discussion around recent successes Lor has had on East Coast Fist Bump (5.14 trad) and Cousin of Death (5 pitch 5.13 trad). Both required intense commitment and flexibility to trust how the whole process unfolded. That’s a mental training skill that is difficult to learn, but finding balance between the two gives us optimal effectiveness and joy. All you need to do is look at Lor’s smile and you’ll see that they are getting better at experiencing  that balance.

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  1. Cojo

    What a great interview! I love Lor’s mindset and the description of the continual work and learning. Having a system to address challenges is incredibly valuable. Centering the joy and delight in falling while climbing is something I’ve been missing.

    I bet I’m not alone in this, my climbing has decreased in the past year. I’m planning to go back out and am woefully out of shape, mentally and physically. I will focus on joy, learning, and absolutely self-compassion.

    1. Arno

      Hi Cojo, get out there in small steps and focus on joy, learning, and being self-compassionate that you haven’t been climbing and will probably be out of shape. Arno

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