Which is more helpful for your willpower and wellbeing, self-compassion or self criticism? Which do we tend to do? Most of us carry with us a small degree (maybe a large degree) of self-hatred. We tend to hate ourselves because we’re not progressing or achieving goals as quickly as our ego would like. 

Turns out, self-hatred and self-criticism actually diminishes our willpower, and our ability to progress and achieve our goals. And, they make our learning journey feel terrible. 

Check out this free webinar on self-compassion by Russ Harris, founder of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). It also includes experiential exercises.


  • An in-depth look at how self-compassion infuses the whole ACT model, and involves all the core processes
  • How to talk about self-compassion without using ‘flowery’, ‘poetic’, ‘new-age’ or ‘hippy’ language
  • Short, simple self-compassion exercises to use any time, any place
  • Longer, more meditative self-compassion exercises for more intensive interventions
  • 15 common barriers to self-compassion, and how to overcome them
  • How to break self-compassion down into tiny ‘building blocks’, for those who find it difficult or threatening

To sign up for your free recording, go to: https://contextualconsulting.co.uk/self-compassion-building-blocks-and-barriers-recording

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