Title: Embrace Stress

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Resistance is what makes the application of power possible. Resistance also indicates that there will be stress. Stress isn’t bad; it’s what allows us to grow. By embracing stress as a learning opportunity we improve our ability to keep attention in the moment so we can apply our power effectively.

Don’t use tricks to avoid stress. Rather, grow your power by embracing stress. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Staying power: Stay engaged, in the stress. This is staying power. Too often climbers give up at the first signs of stress.
  • Intense power: Nothing intensifies more than loving climbing. If you love climbing, then you’ll desire to be in the stress, with less tendency to escape it. You’ll intensify your power in the moment.
  • Secure power: Let go of your desire for security, comforting ego identities, and achievements. When engaged, focus only on the route you’re climbing. Doing this allows your power to be on the route you are currently climbing and not on other issues.
  • Quality power: Repeating something leads toward quality. It’s practice that gives your actions quality. It’s practice that improves keeping your attention in the moment. Get on the route many times so you can grow the quality of your power.
  • Empty power: Emptiness has an important role in what is created. Have a beginner’s mind. Empty your cup of tea so you can receive. You need to be empty before you can allow ideas to enter and create something new. Being empty allows power to flow, unimpeded by expectations.

I didn’t use tricks to circumvent stress on Gilgamesh. I pushed through doubts to increase my staying power. I intensified my power by reaffirming that I love exerting effort and feeling my body and mind at the edge of its comfort zone. I secured my power by letting go of ego fears of “failing” and focusing only on what I needed to learn. I improved the quality of my power by getting on the route many times. Finally, I allowed my power to grow from emptiness by not having expectation of how I would perform during any of the various efforts.

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  1. Steele

    Rad post Arno. I really appreciate your approach to climbing. It has added a lot to my life.
    If you haven’t got it already good luck on Gilgamesh.

  2. Tracy Martin

    Awesome Arno! I love this post. Thanks for your insight, once again!

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