This lesson is simple. Go to Ieva Luna’s YouTube channel (Community Yoga with Ieva Luna) and engage in yoga framed in the warrior mindset. She had an intriguing idea: to blend yoga with concepts from The Rock Warrior’s Way book. So, she contacted me to get my opinion. How could I not be enthusiastic? Yoga is such a great discipline for putting us into stressful situations that we have the capacity to navigate. We don’t push too deeply. Rather, we find our edge and work with our attention there. Specifically, what we do is accept the stress, work with it, and most importantly, want to be there, present for the stressful situation. No mind tricks about thinking about when the stress is over, or contracting the body against the stress we’re experiencing. 

So, enjoy the 7-day yoga series, in the practice tip, combined with warrior mindset passages. 

Practice tip: Do Rock Warrior Yoga with Ieva

Day 1 – Rock/Yoga Warrior | Self Growth & Learning | Tree Pose

Day 2 – Rock/Yoga Warrior | Confidence & Healthy Spine

Day 3 – Rock/Yoga Warrior | Commitment & Crow Pose

Day 4 – Rock/Yoga Warrior | The Giving Mindset & Presence

Day 5 – Rock/Yoga Warrior | Breathing & Stretches to Unwind

Day 6 – Rock/Yoga Warrior Series | Intention & Eagle pose

Day 7 – Rock/Yoga Warrior | Consistency & Warrior Postures

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  1. Ieva Luna

    Hi Arno, thanks a lot for spreading the word about the Rock/Yoga Warrior series. Most importantly, thank YOU very much for sharing your wisdom with all of us by writing the books. I learnt so much reading the Rock Warriors Way already and can’t wait to read the Espresso lessons, soon, too. Hope your community find these yoga sessions useful. Warmest greetings, Ieva Luna

    1. Arno

      Welcome Ieva. I think you did a great job integrating the concepts into yoga. Keep it up. I can send you a copy of Espresso Lessons if you want. My treat. Just need your mailing address. Email me:

  2. Bryce Mahoney

    What a great series! I love how yoga present unique challenges to my body so my mind has to help work through them.

    1. Arno

      Yes Bryce, relax into the pose and find your edge. Then work there with your attention. a

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