We’ve just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, giving thanks. Soon we’ll celebrate the Christmas holiday. These holidays mark the end of each year; 2017 ends and dies, so 2018 can be born. How do we deal with endings, with dying? I think it’s an appropriate time to broaden our focus and reflect on how we’ve lived our lives. Such reflections can inform how we choose to live in the new year. The lessons of death can help us during this reflective time.

I’ve really been enjoying the podcasts of Sam Harris. In episode #104 of his Waking Up podcast, “Sam speaks with Frank Ostaseski about death and dying—and about how the awareness of death can improve our lives in each moment.” Death is the ONLY thing in life that is certain. When we hear about others’ deaths in the news, somehow we think it won’t happen to us, or we think it’ll happen in the distant future. Wrong! It can happen in the next moment. Listen to Sam and Frank discuss this topic, and reflect on the lessons of death. There are things we’re all doing that focus our lives on superficial things. Don’t live your life superficially. Intend to live differently.

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  1. nela

    In this dimension, we play with duality, like our brain, we have dual thinking, positive and negative, “Lightnes”s and “Darkness”. This is an important fact when we applied to climbing because we have fears. Fears of falling or dead. The warrior ways sais that: There is no god or bad situations just opportunities”, this quote is coming from the heart because of the function of the heart are in oneness and no dualities. “ONENESS” is our main goal here and to be able to walk in the light in oneness is very important to confront our fears. We need to see the darkness in front of us and relax. I was afraid when I climb, so I started to meditate in darkness or death, so you see it with other eyes and not ignore it, then you need to see that there is no risk in that moment (in the comfort of your home) and you relax. Now when I climb I analyzed all situations, I feel more in confident in external factors, I check crux point, I analyzed potential falls, and I move in oneness and in light, with profound breathing and flowing as a bamboo stick.



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