Current Tours and Clinics: 

Tennessee USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Arno Ilgner

Missouri USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Jon Richard

Arizona USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Laura Sabourin

Las Vegas, NV USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Elaina Arenz

Red Rock Rendezvous, NV USA: with various Warrior’s Way trainers

Colorado USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Jes Meiris

Colorado USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Arno Ilgner

Texas USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Adam Mitchell

  • Crux Climbing, Austin, TX: Feb 26, April 23, June 25, August 27, October 8, December 10

Title: The Warrior’s Way Falling and Commitment Clinic

Clinic Description: This clinic addresses the fear of falling and helps you to improve commitment. We’ll practice falling, movement, and resting exercises and apply all learned skills to a challenging route. We’ll do this in small increments creating appropriate progressions for each individual student.Ingravita-1 You’ll leave with a structured method for taking appropriate risks with diminished fear.

You’ll learn:

  • To fall safely
  • To give a cushioned belay
  • To distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
  • How to engage no- and yes-fall zones
  • To break a climb into smaller risk events
  • Better risk assessment
  • How to rest effectively
  • To improve breathing
  • To trust the body
  • To create flow and momentum
  • To commit more deliberately
  • To reduce fear


  • Minimum 6 months climbing experience
  • Climb a minimum of 5.9 in the gym without falling or hanging
  • Being able to lead climb is not required, however, if students want to lead during the clinic they must get lead certified at the gym PRIOR to the clinic date.

Ingravita-3Suggested Preparation:
Read Espresso Lessons with emphasis on Preparation and Action Chapters, and the exercises in the Appendix for these chapters.

Equipment: Bring usual climbing equipment plus rope and draws if the gym doesn’t provide them. A helmet is also recommended but not required.

Investment: The cost for each clinic varies based on the hosting gym. Below are approximate costs.

  • $99 gym members / $119 non-gym members
  • Space limited to 4 or 6 depending on the location


Student Comments:

“Arno’s instruction helps me feel more confident in my lead climbing–overcoming fears and climbing smarter.”

–Tonya (Climb Nashville, Nashville, TN)

“This helped me in falling by being more knowledgeable of the reactions of falling. Really showed me importance of breathing.”

–Jeremy (Climb Nashville, Nashville, TN)

“The clinic made me feel more comfortable with identifying yes- and no-fall zones. I also now feel like I know how to practice getting more comfortable with falling.”

–Michael (Climb Nashville, Nashville, TN)

“I really needed a healthier perspective on how to fall while leading a route. It’s not the only thing I should think about, and learning how to approach it differently was very meaningful.”

–Bailey (Climb Nashville, Nashville, TN)

“I took a lot from the movement drills and how to focus our thoughts when climbing. Also learning to rest and think and move and go at separate times. This is something I will work on in my climbing and take with me when teaching others to climb.”

–David (Climb Nashville, Nashville, TN)

“Arno was excellent in being patient, answering all questions, not rushing through drills and really honing in on individual points to help bring it all together. I feel extremely more confident in climbing and pushing myself more appropriately.”

–Anna (Climb Nashville, Nashville, TN)

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  1. I would like to ask is you teach any of the seminar in Us in may.Because I would like to take it, I will be there and I lost the seminar in Chile

  2. Hi! Anyway we can get a class going in Utah?!

  3. Hi Matt, working on it. Are you on our eList? That’s the best way to stay updated for future events. Also get free weekly training tips. a

  4. Any chance of a clinic in the Northeast or Ontario / Quebec sometime soon? I was disappointed when the class in Las Vegas was cancelled in April, and I would still like to get over my fear of falling on lead.

  5. Hi Anneh, We had a clinic in Boston in July; no plans rest of this year for the Northeast. One option is to do individual training with one of our trainers, so you don’t have to wait for a scheduled group clinic. In other words, if you’re planning to go to Las Vegas, or somewhere where there is a ww trainer, then you can arranged training with him/her ahead of time.
    We’re working on offering training in more locations, so stay tuned. Thanks for your interest in ww.

  6. Hi. The list above shows a Jan 3 clinic at Rock n Jammin (Denver). They list it Jan 14. Rescheduled? Or is the list above from 2016? Thx!

  7. Hi Nicole, It should be Jan 3 for Rock’n and Jam’n #2. The trainer doing the clinic, Jes Meiris, has it as Jan 3. Call them to find out why they have it as Jan 14. Where on their site do you see it listed as Jan 14? I couldn’t find it.

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