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  1. Robbie Martin

    Hi, I am really interested in doing the Fall/Commit training camp. I reside in Melbourne Australia, so I will be wanting to attend something suitable. Your west coast probably. All info will be appreciated. My window is August September ish. Robbie

    1. Arno

      Hi Robbie, Thanks for making contact. Our west coast trainer, Jeff Lodas (,, should be back in California end of August. He’s climbing in Canada right now so a little out of contact. He usually sets up training tours to California, Oregon, and Washington states in Spring and Fall. So, he may not have anything scheduled for August/Sept. But, I suggest contacting him; he can always set up something just for you.
      You can also join our eList to get free email lessons and training updates.
      Best, Arno

  2. Hal

    Arno, will you be doing the warriors way clinics at the 2017 red rock rendezvous?

    1. Arno

      Hi Hal, There will be ww clinics Friday through Monday during RRR 2017. At the moment, I’m planning to attend. Either way, ww trainers, w/ or w/o me, will be there to teach these clinics. Thanks, a

  3. John Pettijohn

    Hello! Will the clinic in LCC Utah happen? My girlfriend and I will both attend if it does. Thanks!

    1. Arno

      Hi John, thanks for asking. Our trainer in Las Vegas, Tracy Martin, is coordinating those clinics. I’ll check with her about when those dates will become firm. Thanks for asking. a

    2. Arno

      Hi John, I received info back from Tracy. For now, it’s on hold. We’re investigating new possibilities though. a

  4. John Pettijohn

    For years I’ve hoped to attend a clinic of yours. I saw one open up in my back yard and got excited! I hope it happens.

  5. Paisley

    Hey! I’m interested in taking a workshop. Anything on the west coast coming up?

    1. Arno

      Hi Paisley, thanks for asking. Our west coast trainer, Jeff Lodas, will be touring in the Spring. Connect with him at Also sign up for our eList to get training updates. Thanks,

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