New River Gorge, WV USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Jeff Hearn

 Elevenmile Canyon, CO USA: with Warrior’s Way trainer Jes Meiris

  • (contact Jes Meiris
  • June 1 and 9

The Warrior’s Way – Trad/Mental Camp

This camp is specifically targeted toward developing better mental focus for leading trad routes. To accomplish this, we need to develop trust in our gear and jamming ability. 

Develop this trust by falling on gear, moving continuously when jamming, quick and precise gear placement and improving mental focus through application of the Warrior’s Way. 

You’ll leave knowing how to take appropriate risks on trad routes with improved mental focus.You’ll learn to:

  • To place and assess trad protection
  • Trad jamming skills
  • Trusting trad gear by falling on it
  • Assessing risks effectively, allowing you to take appropriate risks
  • Improve commitment and mental focus
  • Improve safety awareness

What we won’t be covering:

  • Equalizing anchors
  • Multi-pitch transitions
  • Other basic trad skills


  • Able to lead 5.8 sport, or top-rope 5.9 with no falls
  • Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
  • At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year
  • Some experience following or leading trad routes

Suggested Preparation:
Read Espresso Lessons with emphasis on Preparation and Action Chapters, and the exercises in the Appendix for these chapters.

Bring usual climbing equipment plus rope and draws. Bring your trad rack if you have one. A helmet is also required.

The cost for each camp varies based on the hosting guide service. Below are approximate costs.

  • $450: 2-day camp
  • $295: 1-day camp
  • Space limited to 4 or 6 climbers depending on the location


What Climbers Say About This Course:

“I’ve learned to keep focus on what is important. Which is climbing or placing gear, not the fear of falling. I trust my gear more now too. This is definitely going to help me to be a better climber. And it was fun.” —Michal (Joshua Tree, CA)

“I liked it so much the first time I came back for more!” –Meredith (New River Gorge, WV)

“The clinic helped with lots of things to consider during climbing–resting, attention to gear placement. I feel I have more confidence in my movement as well as my lead falling.” –Jackie (New River Gorge, WV)

“The training was great for me because it painted out issues and methods that I didn’t know. Methods of thinking at rests, working through climbs in sections. It was nice to be evaluated; there are things you do but don’t realize why. I learned a lot about the bad habits I have and why I do them.”  –Adelokunbo (New River Gorge, WV)

“This course up-ended my climbing style, for the better. Learning to climb continuously between rests was critical. The falling practice simply surprised me. Having been taught never to fall on gear, I was never able to trust it. Repeated falls on what I previously considered gear ‘too small to fall on’ now teach me to trust it.”  –Marnie (New River Gorge, WV)

“I greatly appreciated the falling practice and it also helped me evaluate and build trust in my gear placements. I also really appreciated the up-down-up sequence. I feel like that will help me make better decisions on lead.” –Robert (New River Gorge, WV)BD

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  1. Any events scheduled or expected this fall on east coast

  2. Hi John, Thanks for asking. I assume you’re asking about the Trad/Mental camp since your comment is under this heading. We don’t have any scheduled. Closest to you would be the New River Gorge. Check with Jeff Hearn (, our WW trainer at New River Mountain Guides, for individual WW training, if that is an option that could work for you.
    We do have a Falling and Commitment camp (on sport routes) coming up this weekend at the New. That could give insight into apply WW in trad settings.

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