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Logo_Evolv-black-SEvolv (shoes): Discounts are for one-time purchases from the Evolv website and effective for 30 days after the clinic. Your WW trainer will send you the discount code in a debrief email after the clinic.

Student Testimonials

WW Trainer Jeff Lodas tour to California, Oregon, Washington during Fall 2015

“Much more beneficial than expected. Look forward to applying the skills and taking more clinics.”

“I was anxious about taking the class because of fear of lead falls. After the class my anxiety has lessened. It was really helpful to learn the correct sequence to falling in a safe way. I look forward to getting on lead now. The environment was very comfortable. I was unsure if I’d learn much, but the clinic exceeded my expectations.”

“A short and sweet boost to my climbing focus!”

“I was much more relaxed and confident in my lead climbing after the class. Also have a much more clear understanding of my need to shut off my mind.”

“Jeff was super knowledgeable and clear in his instruction. His demeanor was calming. Working up to falls was great. Practicing breathing was very helpful. Fun and very educational!”

“This class really helped me to switch between my mind and body, allowing me to assess the route and the fall potential and then climb while being fully present in my body.

“Great class. I loved the falling! Real practice. The movement section will take years of practice to master. This is a great start to the rest of my climbing. THANK YOU.”

“I feel empowered to push myself. I increased my toolbox for how to become a better and safer lead climber.”

“After taking the falling and commitment clinic 3 years ago, this refresher helped me see how helpful it was and how much I’ve incorporated the Warrior’s Way into my climbing. Now I have a more complete practice. Today’s clinic helped me fill in some mental and physical gaps.”

“I absolutely think that the mindful, thoughtful, intuitive approach is dead on, and this clinic – and Jeff – really gave me good tools to recognize and work with my fears and my ability to commit. As a very analytical climber, giving myself permission to move and be intuitive is huge for my climbing (and for life skills). Jeff is a very gentle but firm coach and has a great balance of being encouraging and honest.”

This clinic gave me a new set of mental training tools to work with at the gym.”

This class was great! I didn’t have much lead fall experience, and would easily panic when stressed on the wall. Jeff helped me learn how to think when I need to think, and climb when I need to climb.”

“Think less, climb more, work on movement and staying focused. Will feel more comfortable leading in future.”

Understanding of what the next level looks like and the path to get there.”

“Training the most important muscle: the mind.”

“This lesson taught me how to think better while climbing. Inspired.”

“This class helped me focus on the climbing process and certain aspects so I could improve my climbing technique.”

“I learned that I can take fear and turn it around and make me better.”

“I am now able to release most of my mental tension that I get when falling, because of this clinic.”

“It helped me be more confident.”

“I got rid of my fear of letting go.”

“It will now allow me to try harder routes without having to ‘take’ and forfeit the flash because I’m scared.”

“Jeff has a very zen like way of approaching the hard and scary parts of climbing and making them approachable.”

“This clinic aided my ability to assess fall safety and commit when safe. This ultimately led to climbing harder, and sending my hardest route to date!”

“I was nervous about the class because of my deep fear of falling. I was shocked by how pleasant falling could be – thanks to jeff! I also appreciated having an extra two hours to climb and put the new skills into action. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d go right back to my bad habits. Thank you very much!”

“This clinic helped me incorporate thinking about where is or is not safe to fall as I progress up a route.”

“It was good for me to see a practice fall sequence with Jeff.”

“This clinic helped me feel more comfortable being deliberate with my climbing, and focusing on thinking or climbing, and not both at the same time.”

“An outstanding way to improve climbing approach and especially attitude in a few hours!”

“I learned that I can fall, and that if I do it right, it can actually be fun.”

“This was great – I was so outside my comfort zone but after the initial exercises, I chilled out a ton. Thanks!”

“I enjoyed this class. It was too short. Wish it was a four week course. Thank you for putting yourself out into the world to teach and help us climb better.”

“I thought it was great. Jeff was very thorough and had an awesome presence!”

“Jeff was spot on when he said I act on intuition. So when I came in saying I wanted to ‘quiet my mind’, it was much more telling that he wanted me to exercise my brain a bit more. Super helpful.”

“I think the clinic was beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

“This was amazing! I learned a lot that can improve my climbing, but also lessons I can take to life. Keep it up!”

“The Warrior’s Way clinic has helped me climb with calm, confidence, and peace of mind even at my absolute physical limit.”

“This helped me a lot. The falling especially helped me and made me less scared of falling. The breathing also helped me relax and think better.”

“The style of incremental falling felt really effective!”

“Was feeling stuck in my level and ability. Jeff gave me tools/techniques to break through to a new level and perspective.”

“I can climb better. Thanks for the lesson; very good material; great teacher.”

“Great class. Good foundation for future practice.”

“I’ve learned to keep focus on what is important. Which is climbing or placing gear, not the fear of falling. I trust my gear more now too. This is definitely going to help me to be a better climber. And it was fun.”

“I learned the importance of relaxing and breathing in the ‘Lookings’ phase.”

“An awesome clinic – I would never allow myself to fall on lead. After the clinic, I feel a lot more comfortable and I don’t need the Kung Fu Death Grip. Much more relaxed and looking forward to more classes.”

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